The Pursuit of Wellness

foundation stone

Foundation Stone represents a network of treatment programs and the culmination of years of dedicated leadership in the fields of mental health and addiction treatment. We believe that transformative leadership is critical in behavioral health treatment and guiding individuals towards a healthier, more balanced life. Our decades of experience and commitment to exploring every avenue in pursuit of wellness and improvement shine through our programs. Our founder, an icon of resilience and innovation in the industry, exemplifies this leadership, bringing both personal insight and professional excellence to the forefront of our mission.

Our Mission

Foundation Stone’s mission is to provide targeted, high-quality treatment for mental health, substance use disorders, and co-occurring conditions, leveraging our deep expertise and compassionate approach to foster lasting change with a relentless focus on individual recovery and family restoration.

Our Promise

Our Promise is to continue our heritage of creating diverse, transformative programs across our network of treatment facilities. We are committed to innovatively addressing mental health and substance use disorders, ensuring that each center under our guidance offers a tailored path to healing, resonating with the distinct journey of every individual we serve.

Our Applause

“I have known and been referring to Foundation Stone for many years, each staff member is the best in their field. When they opened I knew it would provide the best in care and they have proved just that. If you are looking for high quality mental health services this is the place.”

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